Global Digital Heritage

Projects and Laboratories We Admire

The Zamani Project is the one project that we aspire to emluate. It is perhaps the most important 3D cultural heritage project created to date.

Rekrei, formerly known as Project Mosul, was co-founded by Chance Coughenour (now of Google), and our own project collaborator Matthew Vincent (now of Basecamp). This project reconstructs damaged and destroyed heritage assets from crowd-sourced photographs.

CultLab3D is the research lab of the Competence Center for Cultural Heritage Digitization at the Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research IGD- Germany. Led by Pedro Santos, this innovative group is creating amazing new technologies for the 3D documentation of museum collections.

The Visual Computing Lab of CNR-ISTI, led by Roberto Scopigno, focuses on scientific visualization, multiresolution representation / visualization, deformable models, 3D digitization, texturing and mesh parameterization. They created two of our favorite programs: Meshlab and 3Dhop.

The 3DOM research unit of FBK Trento is at the cutting edge of 3D methods, technologies, and software development. The research group is devoted to the science of 3D and other geo-spatial technologies. Their publications are first rate.

Morbase, the creation of Carlos Carpetudo and Sira Camacho, is what happens when creative young scholars and a forward thinking municipality, in this case the Municipality of Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal, team together to solve the expansion of cultural heritage activities in a small city. Something for everyone to aspire towards. Great 3D documentation and modeling.

Stefano Campana’s laboratory at the University of Siena is integrating geophysical techniques, aerial remote sensing, and LiDAR to understand the characteristics of archaeological remains that have few surface indications. Excellent work.

The Arc-Team in northern Italy, with projects all over the world, is another group that does incredible heritage documentation work.

BARAKA ARQUEÓLOGOS is a team of Spanish archaeologists that conducts heritage research, documentation, and conservation project worldwide. They are also excellent drone pilots. You can follow the activities of our GDH collaborators Miguel Ángel Hervás, Diego Lucendo, and Tomás Torres González at

About Us

Global Digital Heritage (GDH) is a not-for-profit, private research and education organization dedicated to documenting, monitoring, and preserving our global cultural and natural heritage. We use digital visualization, 3D virtualization, geospatial informatics, and open access solutions to provide digital data and 3D models to governments, regional institutions, museums, local scholars, and the public. A key element of our mission is the democratization of science-we make all data freely available to the world in support of cultural heritage, heritage management, education, public access, scientific research, and to enhance the digital humanities.

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