In 2023 GDH, in collaboration with the Romanian National Heritage Institute (Digital Heritage Department), developed an ambitious 3D digitization project of monuments, sites, and museum collections in Romania.

One of the first regions chosen to begin documentation work was Wallachia, where the digitization of heritage site of Târgovişte (Royal Court of Târgovişte, Ruins of Vlad Dracul’s Royal House, Chindiei Tower, Royal Church “Assumption of the Virgin Mary”) and some objects from the Dâmbovița County’s History Museum and Museum of Human Evolution and Technology in the Paleolithic were carried out.

The project continued in Dobruja, where the digitization of the Adamclisi archaeological site (Tropaeum Traiani Citadel, the “Tropaeum Traiani” triumphal monument and the metopes located in the Adamclisi Archaeological Museum) and some artifacts from Constanța History and Archeology Museum were carried out.

We are very grateful for the hospitality of the local authorities and for the collaboration of the museums and institutions in the region.

Heritage Sites