PROJECT Scotland

Dumfries and Galloway


The project in Galloway began as a request from the Clan Hannay Society to scan their ancestral home of Sorbie Tower so that a 3D model and perhaps a virtual reconstruction might be done. This grew into a regional project to highlight the lessor-known heritage of the region and to create a 3D heritage archive and online presentation for the local communities. To date, nine sites / buildings, and over 300 museum specimens have been scanned.

This project is a collaborative effort between GDH and The Stranraer Museum of the Dumfries and Galloway Council, The Clan Hannay Society, and the The Whithorn Trust. We would like to especially acknowledge the contributions of Douglas Hannah, Alan McFarlane, Julia Muir Watt, Bronwyn Chomitz, and Yonnus Eysenmann – their efforts made this project a success.