El Caño


The archaeological site of El Caño (Natá, Panama) is an elite cemetery of the Coclé culture, dated by radiocarbon between 700 and 1020 AD. The archaeological excavations carried out there since 2008 have allowed the recovery of a collection of archaeological objects of exceptional scientific interest and exceptional preservation.

Most of these artifacts remain properly guarded and managed at the headquarters of the El Caño Foundation in Panama City. Given the large number of specimens, their physical exhibition is impossible, which is why the El Caño Foundation developed the ODA digital repository years ago as a virtual museum, and where the catalog files of most of the recovered objects can be found. An optimal resource to complement ODA was the generation of three-dimensional digital models of a significant number of these artifacts. During the campaign carried out in July 2023, GDH team digitized a total of 725 objects.

We thank Dr. Julia Mayo Torné, director of El Caño Foundation, for giving us the opportunity to work with such a relevant collection.

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