PROJECT Uzbekistan



In June 2021, the GDH team developed a campaign to digitize the cultural heritage of Uzbekistan, thanks to the invitation from a number of national organizations including the World Society of Study, Preservation and Popularization of the Cultural Heritage of Uzbekistan, the National Association of Electronic Mass Media (NAEMM), the Agency of Cinematography of Uzbekistan, and Seminli TV.

The work carried out in Uzbekistan resulted in high-quality 3D models of large heritage sites, such as Registan, Samarkand (Mausoleum of Amir Temur, Bibi Khanym Mosque, and astronomical observatory of Ulugh Beg), Shakhrisabz (Palace of Ak-Saray, Mosque of Hazrat-i Imam and Tomb and Statue of Amir Temur), and a number of statues in Tashkent.

We appreciate the collaboration provided by Fidarus Abdulkhalilov, Gayrat Naimov, Savlat Rashidov, Ulugbek Akhmedov, and the other members of the Uzbek team.