PROJECT Bosnia and Herzegovina



The Sarajevo Canton is one of the ten cantons of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Its cantonal seat is the city of Sarajevo, also the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Between 2019 and 2021, Global Digital Heritage (GDH), in collaboration with the University of Sarajevo, the Sarajevo Museum and the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, carried out 3D digitization of an important collection of archaeological artifacts. Most of them from the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina that preserves one of the most important archaeological collections in the Balkans.

GDH has also worked on the 3D digitization of an important set of stećci preserved both in the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina in a number of medieval cemeteries located in the Sarajevo Canton. The stećci (stećak in singular form) are a set of tombs or medieval funerary monuments typical of a wide region of the Balkans.

The medieval cemeteries of stećci constitute a valuable archaeological heritage of great historical interest. Yet stećci are little known internationally, despite the fact that some have been declared World Heritage in 2016. Since this heritage is fully exposed to both climate and human activity, these monuments may be considered a heritage in danger and subject to continuous degradation. Thus, systematic 3D documentation work is critical to their preservation and study.