PROJECT United Arab Emirates



The GDH project in Sharjah began in January 2019 with the digitization of an Iron Age adobe-making workshop excavated by the Spanish mission at the Thuqeibah (al-Madam) site. In some of the basins of the workshop, hundreds of human footprints had been identified, which were digitized at high resolution for subsequent anthropometric study.

Since then, multiple campaigns have taken place, which included the 3D digitization of the most significant archaeological sites in Sharjah, such as the numerous Bronze Age tombs located in Jebel al Buhais, Jebel Faya, Jebel Al Emaileh and Al Khudaira, the pre-Islamic city of Mleiha, the rock art sites of Al Mudaifi, Wadi al Hilo, Sur Kalba, Wadi Shie, Luluya, Al Nahwa and Khatm al Melaha, the forts of Khor Fakkan, Dibba al Hisn and Fili, the al Mifda mosque, as well as more than 1,000 archaeological artefacts from the collection held by the Sharjah Archeology Authority (SAA).

We thank Dr. Sabah Jassim and Mr. Eisa Youssif for giving us the opportunity to work on such an ambitious project.