In 2020-2021, Global Digital Heritage (GDH) signed an important collaboration agreement with the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage of Ragusa and the Archaeological Park of Kamarina and Cava d’Ispica, with the objective of digitize the remains of the ancient city of Kamarina and the finds preserved in the museums of Ragusa and Kamarina. Some artifacts from the archaeological site of Caucana (Byzantine age) have also been digitized.

Kamarina was founded at the beginning of the 6th century BC (598 BC – 597 BC) by the Dorian Greeks from Syracuse. The archaeological excavations carried out throughout the area have recovered a significant number of archaeological objects from the Greek and Roman era sites and from shipwrecks.

This project is the result of the efforts of Dr. Renato Scuzzarello and his efforts to showcase the heritage of the Ragusa region of Sicily.