Lecture by Spanish Archaeologist Victor Menchero at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering on the initiative Global Digital Heritage

Dr. Victor Menchero, Spanish archaeologist and scientific director of GDH, collaborated with researchers from the research group of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering Sarajevo Graphics Group at the EU FP7 project V-MusT.net. It was in Sarajevo earlier and was delighted with BH’s cultural heritage, and offered it to researchers gathered around the Association for the Digitization of Cultural Heritage DIGI.BA to digitize the BiH cultural heritage and place it on the online GDH platform to make it accessible to the world over the Internet. These days he is on a preparatory visit to the National Museum and Museum of Sarajevo, where he selects exhibits and cultural monuments that will digitize with his team in June this year.
On Thursday, March 7, at 1 pm, Dr. Menchero will hold a lecture on the topic of digitization of cultural heritage with state-of-the-art technologies at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Sarajevo. The entrance to the lecture is free.

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