Mosaic Room 30

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Villa Romana del Casale in Piazza Armerina

Digitization method

Photogrammetry/Laser Scanner


FARO Focus3D S70

Mosaic Room 30. Room of the Ten Girls in Bikinis

Villa Romana del Casale in Piazza Armerina, Sicily is home of 3500 m of the most important Roman mosaics in the world. This is an Imperial villa dating to 350 CE. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

These models are the result of combined FARO scans and photogrammetry datasets returned to GDH in C4D format. The models were each exported out of C4D, cleaned in Meshlab, retopologized in ZBrush, UV unwrapped in Blender, and textured and normal-map baked in Blender or Substance Designer.

The original project was a joint effort between the U. of Catania and CVAST at USF. Dr. Mariarita Sgarlata and Dr. H. Maschner, Investigators. We gratefully acknowledge the participation of the administrators of the Villa Romana del Casale and the Museo Archeologico di Aidone. The data were transferred to GDH for processing and analysis. Funding for this project, both at USF and at GDH, has been provided by the Hitz Foundation, H. Maschner, PI

Details: Salvatore Ciurca (1997)